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What is the Crimson Scourge?
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What is the Crimson Scourge?

Ever wonder what the Crimson Scourge was?PAGE MADE BY SCORPION DECEPTION.

Well it was a very powerful blade that even exhisted in the real world we live in. It was said to be the most powerful sword ever made. But one famous way it was used, was from this guy, which I'm sure maybe 1 or 2 of you know who it is. His name is Albel Nox (below) from Star Ocean 3 Till The End of Time(best rpg ever made next to Skies of Arcadia Legends ;). Albel was kinda like, not evil, but kinda evil like, anyway and its the most powerful sword he uses in game, and like I said before it was real in OUR world, not the gaming world lol.

Albel Nox
Weilder Of Crimson Scourge

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GvGs,huge hall, lots of good members, awesome guild, we got all 'dat.