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How this Guild Came to Be, a disapointing past.
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How Our Guild Came to Be
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Taken by the collar, thrown out, and a locked door behind me. Here you will learn why I made this guild. PAGE MADE BY SCORPION DECEPTION.

Revenge, disapointment, madness. Those are the 3 main things why I made this guild. Here is the story:
         Valin Wraith(officer) and I were officers in a guild, with the initals [WCKD] I believe it was Valin Wraith who also invited me into the guild. I joined, the leader saw my superior leading and plans in the GvGs. He saw I had potential, and I was an officer within 2 days. I led the guild was losts of wins, and barely any losses, my success rate was probably around 85%. Well the leader got, what you could say, a sign of jealousy. His way did'nt do as well as mine, and I was trying to offer my help to him and tell him, hey man this is what i need to do. (side note: I was also kept an officer because of my mad recruiting skills ; ) ). Well he got sick of me telling him what to do. Things led downward from here.
          This was the day. We were in a GvG, i was at the enemeies catapult where about 4 of them were gathered near their gate, everyone else was off protecting the other side, because the other 4 people were coming out the backway, the leader started yelling at me to get over there and help then, but I had to do the smart deceision, fire the catapult quickly and kill off 4 of their guys, and I did. But this wasnt good enough.
          He thought what I had done, stayed back to kill 4 of their people and not protect the back way, was replulsive. They overpowered us somehow I forgot, sneaked from front gate when I finnaly left the catapult, and killed us. I was in the Guild Hall since we had just lost, maybe 10 seconds, and all of a sudden my screen started loading Lions Arch, and im like what the heck!?. But it did'nt take me long to relize what had happened, I was kicked out.
         I was enraged, disapointed, and wanted revenge. I decided to start my own empire. I told Valin what needed to be done, and he joined me, I thank him for that, than we decided to start our own Guild. The revenge I decided wasn't worth it, but we got it unintensionally. Took us a while to think of a name, than i thought, The Crimson Scourge, we both agreed, it was time to start the empire that would grow rapidly and strongly, and it has.
         A lot of the members left the guild me and valin had for mine, they were also sick of it. But we didnt lead to it, they found out i was a leader now and decided to join. Merlin Healer I believe is from it. So from that day forth, the guild you all are now in, you now know the history of it and how it came to be. Let it be known, we will grow superior.

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GvGs,huge hall, lots of good members, awesome guild, we got all 'dat.